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Big Brands on Shopify

March 06, 2021

Hana Drdla

One thing that I love about Shopify is that it’s easy for anyone to get started with their own store, but it’s also able to grow with you and your customers as your needs evolve.

Whenever I’m browsing websites, I check to see what platform the website was build on. I’ve put together a list of some big brands that I’ve noticed use Shopify. It’s useful to see just what the Shopify platform is capable of with some customizations.

Big Brands on Shopify

Outdoor Voices

OV’s custom theme is all about big imagery. I’m curious to know how they’ve build their Rec Kit product. This product allows the customer to select from one of their signature tops and bottoms to build a “kit” at a discounted price. This is probably a feature they’ve had custom built. Visit the site


If Shopify is good enough for this iconic brand, you know they’re doing something right. I loved seeing that they’re using the Accessibly plugin to make sure their website is accessible. I wrote about accessibility tools a few articles back. I found out that KSwiss uses ShoGun page builder. At first, this really surprised me, as they have the resources to build custom sections. But as a brand that is coming out with new products and campaigns all the time and frequently refreshing the look of their website, I can see why it would make sense to use a design tool like ShoGun. Visit the site


Another iconic brand on Shopify. I enjoyed all the clean, graphic layouts they had. The product swatches are fun because they’re entire mini bags. Visit the site


Skincare brand Dermalogica seems to be using a custom theme but to be honest, it looks suspiciously similar to the Prestige theme. They’re making use of a subscription program for their products, as well as Afterpay to allow payment in instalments. Visit the site

Medium Brands on Shopify

These brands are my favourite examples of how Shopify can grow with you as your brand scales. I’ve seen some of these brands grow from the start and it’s very cool for me to see them using Shopify today.

Girlfriend Collective

The website offers everything you’d expect from a Shopify site. Where I feel that they’ve put in the most effort is in their product organization. They have an extensive filter on their collection pages, and their product pages display a ton of sizes (11 to be exact) and colors, demonstrating why those filters are so important. Visit the site


My favourite water bottle is from here, although I didn’t buy it online. Takeya is making use of meta fields to visually display its product specs and features on each page. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard looking e-commerce site. Visit the site

Pura Vida Bracelets

They’ve got a large inventory with likely thousands of SKUs. The only thing I didn’t like was that their website was quite laggy. Visit the site

Ten Tree

Canadian feature! I love how cohesive their website looks. The branding and imagery is consistent throughout the website and this just makes you feel good! Visit the site

Two Thirds

Barcelona brand Two Thirds has a beautiful website. Funny enough, it’s a heavy customization of the Debut theme. Their color swatches are also miniature images of the full product. I really like the layout of images on their product page. Visit the site

Form Swim

This website clearly has a lot of custom sections built to show off their product but funny enough, it’s actually another website that has heavily customized the free Debut theme. Visit the site

I'll be adding more to this list as I come across other Shopify websites. Know any big brands on Shopify? Let me know!

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